Kara Lea was invited by Publisher and Movie director John Spender to share her story and passion for supporting women in the New York Times No 1 best seller book series “Journey of the Riches”. She feels blessed with the opportunity to write her story with many wonderful contributing authors in the 6th book series, titled “The Benefit of Challenges”.

The book will be launched December 2017.

In the book she discusses her challenging moments were a catalyst for growth and resulted in her discovering her intuitive healing gift. She mentions healing modalities and techniques that improved her mindset and brought more bliss to life.

Kara Lea speaks about the rise of the feminine and supporting women in her work.
Kara Lea speaks about the rise of the feminine and supporting women in her work.


Extract from the book “All I knew was that this was the beginning of my awakening. I had been smashed against the wall and I began to peel off each part of my fragmented soul and self heal. I became obsessed with reading self development books, meditating, seeing healers, shamans, breath work, doing yoga and all that I could fit into a school day. I wanted to feel better, I wanted to get better, and so my self-sabbatical had begun. I was constantly searching for answers in my nurturing, healing Bali home

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