Coping Through Difficult Times

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Have you recently broken up with a loved one? Has life thrown a challenge at you? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Are you feeling life getting on top of you? Have your stress levels increased?  Are you having difficulties with work or home life? Here are a few strategies to consider during this difficult time. I’m personally going through a marriage separation and this is supporting me.

Gather Healers and Support Network

Love and heal yourself during this stage of life. Connect and gather healers to give support during this time. This is a time to accept help from others who offer, instead of trying to be superwoman/superman! Understand that this is a phase in your life and you will get through this time.

Express Yourself

Whilst expressing our thoughts we are encouraging the emotional energy to flow in our bodies, rather than suppress or keep these emotions stuck within ourselves. Write a daily journal of thoughts and emotions or do a daily video to verbalise the emotions and situation. This is a very healing process to work through what is coming up for you and for later reflection.

Do Something that Brings a Glimpse of Happiness

What do you enjoy or love in life? What is your hobby? This is a time to do something that brings some happiness. For me, it’s dancing. I love to express myself through movement. Often in the privacy of my own home, the music is pumped and I just go crazy!! Dance all my emotions and feel energy through my entire body.

You can also connect to your inner child and do something that reminds you of having fun as a child. I grew up amongst the beautiful nature of New Zealand. So I feel connected to my inner child when I can run amongst the trees and swing off the branches like a monkey.

Allow Yourself to be an Emotional Rollercoaster

Allow yourself to experience all emotions. It is normal to be an emotional roller coaster. Allow yourself to cry, scream in the car, punch the pillow or whatever will help you cope with these emotions in a healthy and safe manner. . These emotions need to be out of the body and not internalized. Ignore people’s comments that don’t encourage this, such as ‘be strong’, ‘push through’, ‘get on with it’ etc.

Don’t Take on The Energy of Judgement from Others

Worrying about the judgement of others is a waste of your time and energy. Focus your energy on loving yourself and being secure. Allow people to see you vulnerable and suffering.  Suppressed emotions eventually will catch up with you- allow this process. People will be more supportive if they see the raw, true and honest you. The world needs more authentic people, not hiding behind their mask and pretending their lives are perfect and they always have their stuff together!!!

This is also a time to selfishly put your needs first! You may choose to simplify your life by getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you purpose at this given time. With placing your energy on yourself you will get through this difficult time, without being concerned about the thoughts and opinions of others.

Take Time for Daily Meditation

It takes 21 days to start a new habit. This is the perfect time to bring the habit of daily meditation into your life. Try to meditate instead of medicate! Daily meditation is vital during this stressful transition phase of life. Create awareness around your emotions and give yourself time and space to take deep breaths and feel all of you. We are human, and feel through life, the ups and the downs. Medication can often make us numb and robotic. Life is meant for feeling and experiencing. Remember negative times in our life, is a phase and we grow and learn from these challenges. Without challenges we would be stuck in our stagnant comfort zones and everyone would be the same.

I have a few meditation apps on my phone. A couple of favourites are: Omvana, Ananda, Smiling Mind and Mind the Bump. 


Embrace Your Challenges

Personally I am so grateful for all my negative and painful experiences, because that has helped me to develop into the strong, empathic and empowered woman that I am today. I understand more of life and see the world through more open eyes. No matter what is placed on your path, rise above it! Take the higher ground and raise your soul.

Face Your Fears

Ask your true self “what are you afraid of?” When you do this and listen to your heart, you will know it’s going to be alright. Ask your angels to give support whilst facing your fears and stepping out into these difficult areas of your self.

Look After Your Body

If possible put your health and body as a first priority and it will help the stressful life event. It’s easy to say I’m too tired, busy, stressed etc. Though this is your number 1 priority, as your body is your vessel to hold your emotional cells. Try to do daily exercise, eat healthy food and get adequate sleep. I recommend replacing 1 meal with juicing to allow the digestive system a little rest time and therefore increase your energy levels.

You need all the love during this emotional and delicate time in your life. Be kind and caring to yourself. If you don’t love yourself no one else will. If possible, get a massage, body pampered, Reiki treatment, haircut, pedicure etc. If you can’t afford it- ask a close friend or family member during this difficult time or consider doing a trade of service.

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency Through The 5 Senses

We all operate at different vibrational frequencies.

The higher you raise your vibration during this difficult time the more energy you will have and the more likely the flow of your life will show up with ease and joy.

Sound  listen to high vibrational music to lift your mood. I recommend 528Hz, as this is the hertz of love. I often listen to the following song by Christopher Lloyd Clarke;

this is also beneficial for opening the heart Chakra : 


Touch – try feeling nature. Ground yourself by lying on the grass, hugging a tree, feeling the sand between your toes or emerge in the salt water at the beach.

Taste – bring your awareness to the taste of food. Treat yourself to your favourite food.

Smell – take time to smell some lovely aromas. Such as smell some roses, essential oils or fragrances.

Sight – Give yourself time to see raw beauty. What makes you smile? Maybe it is, seeing a baby, colourful flowers, natural landscapes or photos of fun memories.

Ho’oponopono for Self-healing

Ho’oponopono originated from Hawaii and is a powerful self-transformational technique. Play daily Ho’oponopono song, as a healing tool for all the emotions that are displayed.


The moment we realise we are the cause of the matter in our lives and take responsibility for our own life is the moment we can heal and take active steps forward. It is easy to blame the other person and say it’s all their fault and other low vibrational energies, though this doesn’t help us and serve us.

This enables us to send love and light around this difficult situation.

Positive Self-talk

Be kind to yourself with your self-talk. Creating awareness around your self-talk is important for your mind, body and soul.

You deserve to move on with your life.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to love yourself.

You deserve respect.

You are a unique and amazing soul.

You are empowered.

Daily Affirmations

Write down a few affirmations that resonate with you and place them next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror and read them out loud daily. Preferably read them out loud to your self in front of the mirror. A few suggested affirmations are:

Life comes to me with ease and joy.

Love, peace and joy are what I know.

I choose to live through the open space in my heart.

Love guides all my relationships.

I love and honour myself.

I am an empowered being.

I am true to my highest self.

In my sadness, I love myself (you may replace the word sadness with anger, grief, disappointment etc.)

I honour the love more than the loss.

I can find happiness in any situation.

I love life, and life loves me.

Support from The Universe

Talk to your guides and higher self and ask for support from the universe. It is amazing the synchronicity of life and what will show up. I personally had amazing people and experiences show up for me and give me support during my times of need, by just asking.  Trusting the universe is extremely powerful.

Sending love and light to all you beautiful souls. If you would like to personally connect and receive support, please reach out.

Kara Lea is a mother, teacher, healer and mindset coach.  She is passionate about creating awareness, conscious living and empowering women to embrace and honour their sacred feminine energies.



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Kara Lea is a Doula and Reiki Master.

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