Kara Lea is a Reiki Master and was taught the traditional way as her Reiki Master stayed in her home for several months in Bali. Kara Lea is guided by her intuition whilst she channels the Universal Energy. She gently places her hands over the 7 main chakras to open and clear out blockages to allow the energy to flow. During the healing she usually receive messages and visions as she connects to her guides and Reiki Masters. She uses crystals and sound healing to assist with individual healing.Contact Kara for a 1 hour session or you may choose one of the packages below:

Goddess Self Love- 2 hours
+ 30 minute meditation and intention session
+ 1 hour Reiki session
+ 30 minute aroma touch with essential oils and crystals

Pregnancy Care- 1.5 hours
+ 30 minutes gentle breath relaxation meditation
+ 1 hour Pregnancy Reiki- calm Mum and Bub

Complete Bliss- 2hours 

+1 hour of 4 hands Reiki (receive Reiki from 2 Reiki Thearpists at once).

+1 hour of deep connected care (Choose between NLP, Inutitive guidance, Tarot cards, Mindset coaching or Guided Hypnosis meditation).  OR

+1 hour of 4 hands aroma touch

Intensive Shift- 1 month exclusive 

1 month intensive program involving daily support and 10 private sessions. This is a 1 on 1 exclusive program to help emotionally support you through a transformation or challenging stage of your life.

Wednesday @ FLOURISH Centre- 32 Cedric St, Perth 

Kara Lea offers 1 hour Reiki sessions at Flourish every Wednesday. Special Introductory offer:

For November/December 2017 $50 for 1 hour session

Times: 9am/10:30/12/1:30/3pm

Reiki 1 Workshop @ Flourish Centre- 32 Cedric St, Stirling, Perth
Saturday 13th Jan 9:00-4:30pm

No prior experience necessary
Open to all genders

Bring a vegetarian snack to share for lunch.

Kara Lea has recently moved from Bali to Perth (her home for 6 years). During that time she was attuned to the empowering healing modality of Reiki. As a Reiki Master, she excitedly brings the peaceful and gentle Reiki healing modality to Perth. Her strong Reiki Lineage enables many to feel more empowered and vibrant after receiving Reiki Attunements. The Attunements open our hands to receiving the universal energy flow.

During this 1-day workshop you will:
· Learn the history and 5 principles of Reiki.

· Receive 2 Attunements to activate your hands to receiving the energy.

· Discuss the 7 chakras and methods to balance and open the chakras.

· Discover cleansing, grounding and protection techniques.

· Experience a breathing and Reiki meditation.

· Practise hands-on Reiki healing positions with a partner.

Workbook and certificate is provided at the workshop.

Only 8 spaces available for the 1 day workshop . I passionately believe Reiki should be taught in a small, intimate and connected space. Together we connect, care and create sacred energy.

Early bird price: $195 pay before December 20th
Normal price: $215

To learn about Kara Lea’s lineage read her blog:

The Link between the History of Reiki and it’s Divine Lineage



My mother and I were blessed to have an in home Reiki session with Kara, 2 wks after my father passed away. Her intuition offered great comfort to both of us, on so many levels and prepared us for what was ahead with the funeral. We can’t thank you enough Kara, your flexibility and compassion is mostly appreciated.  (Renae)

Kara is a beautiful human being who is gentle and kind and extremely insightful. I was very anxious and she made me feel completely safe and welcomed and has taught me so much already. (Rebecca)

Kara is a natural healer. I’ve experienced several of her outstanding treatments. She has deep intuition into a holistic panorama of conditions to assist with her healing work. Kara accesses that intuition to get a clear diagnosis of your problem. She then goes to work moving the stagnant energy causing the issue and restoring you to homeostasis. Kara is full of natural energy herself and is a vibrant coach inspiring you to grow, learn and heal. I experienced that Kara has a deep understanding of soul issues that are the root causes of various conditions. She then addresses these holistically and with Reiki energy. (Salini)

My niece gifted me one of Kara’s Reiki services a month after I lost my 19 year old son to suicide Feb 2017. The experience made me find some inner peace and healing. She set the table up outside in the sun around the pool and at the time it felt like the perfect setting for inner healing. A bird came down to visit as well. One of the best relaxing and healing experiences I ever had. (Dawn)

Ive had two reiki sessions with Kara and today touched on some Intuitive coaching work. 
I feel blessed to have someone whom welcomes me into her space and holds spaces for me to express and be heard without judgement. With such gentleness and empathy she creates lovely connections. (Tremayne)

I speak highly of Kara and her calming energy. What an amazing person and so in touch with her spiritual side. I have had 1 session, thus far, and it was amazing. I am going through some massive life changes and my emotions were everywhere. After Kara started the session I became so relaxed I went into a peaceful state of being. Her intuition and ability to pick up on the inner turmoil and the true me was phenomenal. The peaceful colours that filled my mind were explained to me afterwards and made total sense. I have since had much better sleep and have been able to find my happiness with ease. (Sean)

I am very grateful to Kara for her compassion shown towards me over the past couple of months as I have been going through a life changing event. Kara is an empathic gentle soul strongly connected to women’s intuition and inner strength. I have had two Reiki sessions with Kara during which time I have felt heat energy exchange, had vision of light & received messages from spirit. I am grateful for Kara being there for me above & beyond these sessions. (Shelley)

Would like to thank Kara for an amazing Reiki session I had a few weeks back now. Not only did she make me feel safe, which is very important for me to be able to relax, though I also felt absolutely nurtured and cared for during the whole session. (Ivan)

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