Reiki Chakra

Reiki 1 Workshop @ Flourish Centre- 32 Cedric St, Stirling, Perth

Saturday 13th Jan 9:00-4:30pm

No prior experience necessary
Open to all genders

Bring a vegetarian snack to share for lunch.

Kara Lea has recently moved from Bali to Perth (her home for 6 years). During that time she was attuned to the empowering healing modality of Reiki. As a Reiki Master, she excitedly brings the peaceful and gentle Reiki healing modality to Perth. Her strong Reiki Lineage enables many to feel more empowered and vibrant after receiving Reiki Attunements. The Attunements open our hands to receiving the universal energy flow.

During this 1-day workshop you will:
· Learn the history and 5 principles of Reiki.

· Receive 2 Attunements to activate your hands to receiving the energy.

· Discuss the 7 chakras and methods to balance and open the chakras.

· Discover cleansing, grounding and protection techniques.

· Experience a breathing and Reiki meditation.

· Practise hands-on Reiki healing positions with a partner.

Workbook and certificate is provided at the workshop.

Only 8 spaces available for the 1 day workshop . I passionately believe Reiki should be taught in a small, intimate and connected space. Together we connect, care and create sacred energy.

Early bird price: $195 pay before December 20th
Normal price: $215

To learn about Kara Lea’s lineage read her blog:

The Link between the History of Reiki and it’s Divine Lineage

Womens Circle- 6 week self-love program

Every 2nd Friday night @ The Flourish Centre 7:30-9pm, starting January 19th 2018 

Dive deep into sacred and safe space with Kara Lea and Sasha. This is an intimate and supportive space to connect, express and creatively flow in the feminine divine energy.

Holding sacred space to love and guide each other as sisters.

You will be invited into a private and closed Facebook group to support “The Flourish Centre” Women’s group.


“When women support each other, magical things happen”

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

“It’s about women helping women and women doings things together and supporting each other.” Diana Burch


Empowering Women Revolution 1 day workshop (date/venue TBA)


Are you a single mother?

Have you recently ended an intimate relationship?

Are you in a fly in fly out relationship?

Have you felt disempowered since becoming a parent?

Are you going through a separation or divorce?

Are you overwhelmed, lonely or bored as a stay at home mum?

Do you feel unsatisfied or lacking creative flow in your life?

Are you seeking a village? Like a sisterhood support group?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 1 day program is for you!

I am passionate about supporting and Empowering women all over the world. I have had the opportunity of living in Bali for the last 5 years and during that time I worked on myself; kind of like a Sabbatical. I am ready to share my love, time, resources and passion. You get to connect with like-minded, real people. I’m not putting on a Mask, I’m showing up for you as my true self. I have days where I cry all day. Days where I get in my car, pump up the volume and just scream to release anger. This is about being authentic, claiming your power and most importantly allowing yourself to feel trusted and vulnerable in a supportive and caring group. 9 years ago when I had postnatal depression and struggled to get out of bed, I needed to be with people that got me!! Wanted to help me!! Not people that judged me or told me I was exaggerating or told me I just needed to get on with it like a robot.

Most importantly you will be given tools and strategies to support you. We will consider a self care program, support systems that work for you, a space where you can be you, reclaiming your power, working with issues of trust, self love/self worth. We will consider strategies to deal with anxiety, self-esteem, owning and taking responsibility for our lives and putting ourselves first. This includes establishing healthy boundaries, conscious communication, placing trust in the universe, manifesting our dreams and the power of living through question.

Express your interest by contact Kara Lea:

Mobile: 0412 855992


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